Why Step Up?

Beginner instruments are designed for younger players, and they often provide years of enjoyment. They are built to be durable, economical, and easy to play right away so that the student experiences quicker success.

As students progress and improve, a beginner instrument may eventually limit their progress and musical development.

Step-up instruments are designed for students who have progressed beyond the limitations of beginner instruments. They are made from higher quality materials and with more hands-on craftsmanship, which allows the instrument to produce warmer, more resonant tones. Better quality instruments have features that help the player play better in tune, play faster, with more control, and with extended range. And a step-up instrument can last a lifetime with proper care!

Why invest in a Step Up instrument?

  • Growth Provide room to grow as a musician.
  • Development Enhance a music student's development.
  • Encouragement Encourage more quality practice time.
  • Excitement Create renewed excitement and pride.

How does the Encore program work?

  • Peace of Mind All instruments are director approved. Brass and Woodwind instruments qualify for our money saving Maintenance and Repair coverage.
  • Credit If you are currently renting or leasing from Eckroth Music, use some or all of your credit to upgrade!
  • Low Payments Affordable monthly payments.

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